Guide to Choosing Telephone Systems for Small Businesses

Executive VoIP Phone

Selecting an office telephone system is usually a big decision for any business as it requires a major investment, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. The following are some suggestions and guidelines to help you get the best solution for your company.

What will you need?

Take as much time as you can to research various IT & telephone systems. It may take a longer period than you think to find the best solution.

Step 1

Talk to other businesspersons with a company that’s similar to yours in size to find out what ip pbx phones system they use. Ask about the cost of the system and if they’re happy with it. This way, you will get a good idea of what options and vendors can suit your budget.

Step 2

Simply because you are setting up a new telephone system doesn’t necessarily require that you invest in new equipment. Consider options that let you use your current telephone equipment and fixtures. For instance, some VoIP services use an adapter that’ll let you use existing equipment.

Step 3

We all look to save money whenever we shop, don’t we? If you want to save when purchasing an office telephone system, consider investing in used equipment, rather than new. Refurbished or used systems are far cheaper than new ones, and the only difference is that they’ve been used slightly. Most telephone equipment is designed to last for many years and if you buy via a company, instead of an individual, it is usually covered under warranties.

Step 4

Decide on your needs and prioritize them. Are you looking for call forwarding or multiple extensions? Do you have employees on the move that’ll need remote voicemail? Or do you want a scalable phone system to cover for growth in the next couple of years? Choose which features are necessary for your business and which you can do without before you start looking for a system.

Step 5

Another vital consideration to bear in mind when searching for a system is the amount of traffic your company handles on a daily basis. Do you handle hundreds of calls from customers or just a few calls from current clients? The higher the number of calls, the better the telephone system should be.

Whether it’s in big or small businesses, the use of IT & Sangoma PBXACT telephone systems has really become necessary. What telephone system do you need for your size of business?


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